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Alessandro Visentin

actor - director - producer - writer - personal coach

About my work

From the very beginning of my career within the arts sector it was important to me to gain knowledge about the whole process of a production. Whether for film, theatre or television I was always keen to find out how everything works. This interest opened for me many doors to production companies and theatres across the world. 

In the last five years I got the chance to direct several plays, short films and cinema ads across Europe, worked as a first assistant director for several television production companies or theatres, and got to play great roles such as Hamlet and Macbeth in Shakespeare plays. I have had the opportunity to portray characters like lovers, husbands, murderers, police officers, WWII soldiers or simply a paintball trainer in various television and film formats. 

As a writer I collaborated with Kate Shenton on her television pilot episode of The Jasons, a dark and gritty horror comedy, which has been awarded with several prizes at short film festivals across the globe. I  wrote the play Grenzg√§nger, which had a very successful run in France, and the full length play Eine Nacht im Theater - Ein Karl Valentin Abend, which enjoyed a sell out run at the Salzburg State Theatre in 2019. For both my plays I also took the director's chair. 

Between 2012 and 2016 I have been regularly to Japan as a tour manager for the world's biggest TIE company. Aside from that I started coaching (young) people in matters such as acting, directing, negotiation, public speaking and several more topics. In the capacity of a coach I am regularly holding workshops across Europe. 

Since January 2019 I am also an actor, resident director and production manager at the Salzburg State Theatre where I have worked with people such as Rolando Villazón. In the upcoming season 2020/ 2021 I will be acting in several plays and directing the Austrian first release of Dan Goggins Nunsense the musical.

Aside from my projects in Salzburg I am very committed to my freelance work as well as writing my own television series called Side Effects. My dedication, passion and interest has helped me create meaningful, relevant, contemporary content for theatre, film and television productions and I am always on the lookout for new challenges.

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