I am a multilingual artist who was born and raised in Prien am Chiemsee; a small town in the south of Germany next to the Bavarian lakes and the Alps. 

In these rather traditional and conservative surroundings I found myself to be raised an open, communicative and inquisitive person. My international family background (Italian, German, Austrian and Norwegian) provided me with a thorough cultural and social understanding which has proven very useful in my profession. 

At the age of twenty-one, after training to become a professional chef I decided to pursue my life-long dream and became an actor. 

In 2011 I graduated from East 15 Acting School in London UK. Since then I have been working as an actor for national and international productions. In addition to my work on stage I have been highly praised for my work off stage as a director, producer, writer and personal coach.

My free time is usually spent in the mountains for sport activities like hiking, rock-climbing or via ferrata. Another important  aspect of spending any days off is travelling to see friends and family all around the world. I play the piano, the guitar or sing along to songs within my range as a tenor.

If for some reason nothing of the above is possible I simply like cooking good food, baking bread and cakes or call up people with a lovely glass of wine and talk. 


Actor - Director - Writer - Producer - Coach


2007 - 2011

Acting and Contemporary Theatre, East 15 Acting School London (GB)

2008 - 2011

Scriptwriting, April de Angelis

2006 - 2007

Cameraacting, London academy of radio, film and television



German, English, Italian


German: Bavarian

English: RP, English standard, american


Guitar, Piano

Singing voice

Tenor/ countertenor


Stage combat, climbing, bouldering via ferrata, inline skating, ice skating and many more...


A short exerpt of the Film Qualms. Filmed at location in France.

Language: English

Length: 0:25 Min 

A little cinema commercial I directed for Ofenbau Brunner, a company that builds wood fire ovens.

Language: German

Length: 0:51 Min

Voice sample: A short reading out of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Language: English

Length: 0:45 Min 

A short scene from the film Qualms. Filmed at location in France

Language: English

Length: 1:22 Min 

The Dreamfactory: a self-made short film for the Munich Film Festival. Positively approved by the Jury.  

Language: German

Length: 3:00 Min