About me

Alessandro Visentin

actor - director - producer - writer - personal coach

Some facts about me

I was born and raised in Prien am Chiemsee; a small town in the south of Germany next to the Bavarian lakes and the Alps. 

In these rather traditional and conservative surroundings I found myself to be raised an open, communicative and inquisitive person. My international family background (Italian, German, Austrian and Norwegian) provided me with a thorough cultural and social understanding which has proven very useful in my profession. 

At the age of twenty-one, after training to become a professional chef (according to my parents everyone has to learn something proper *smile*) I decided to pursue my life-long dream and became an actor. 

In 2011 I graduated from East 15 Acting School in London UK. Since then I have been working as an actor for national and international productions. In addition to my work on stage I have been highly praised for my work off stage as a director, producer, writer and personal coach. Everything about my work can be found here.

My free time is usually spent in the mountains for sport activities like hiking, rock-climbing or via ferrata. Another important  aspect of spending any days off is travelling to see friends and family all around the world. I play the piano, the guitar or sing along to songs within my range as a tenor.

If for some reason nothing of the above is possible I simply like cooking good food (and eating it), baking bread and cakes, tend to my vegetables in the garden or call up people with a lovely glass of wine and talk. 

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